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Our growing library of training resources. Here you will find videos, tutorials, guides, and more to help you use csimsoft software.


Trelis Introduction
Trelis Introduction

An introduction to Trelis mesh generation and geometry preparation.

Trelis Overview
Trelis Overview

A general overview of the Trelis GUI and features.


Journal Files
Journal Files and Custom Buttons

Understanding the powerful use of journal files to save and share Trelis commands.

Power Tools: Defeaturing
Power Tools: Defeaturing

Using power tools to clean up a model in preparation for meshing.

Power Tools: ITEM
Power Tools: ITEM

Using the ITEM Wizard to guide you through the meshing process from importing to preparation to exporting.


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Custom Components
Developing Trelis Components

October 3, 2012 - Creating custom components in Trelis. (27:15 minutes)

Customizaton and Scripting with Trelis

September 19, 2012 - Using powerful scripting and journal file features to parameterize models for design sensitivity. (41:05 minutes)

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