White Papers


  • Paving: A New Approach to Automated Quadrilateral Mesh Generation

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  • Seams and Wedges in Plastering - a 3-D Hexahedral Mesh Generation Algorithm.

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  • A Comparison of All Hexagonal and All Tetrahedral Finite Element Meshes for Elastic and Elasto-plastic Analysis

    Steven E. Benzley, Ernest Perry, Karl Merkley, Brett Clark, Greg Sjaardama, Brigham Young University and Sandia National Laboratories
  • The Verdict Geometric Quality Library

    C. J. Stimpson, C. D. Ernst, P. P. P鬣病y, P. Knupp, D. Thompson, Sandia report SAND2007-1751
  • MOAB: A Mesh - Oriented Database

    T. Tautges, R. Meyers, K Merkley, C. Stimpson, C. Ernst, Sandia report SAND2004-1592
  • Verde - VERification of Discrete Elements

    K. Merkley, R. Meyers, C. Stimpson, C. Ernst, 8th International Conference on Numerical Grid Generation in Computational Field Simulations, Page 827-836
  • SNL Implementation of the TSTT Mesh Interface

    K. Merkley, R. Meyers, Timothy J. Tautges, 8th International Conference on Numerical Grid Generation in Computational Field Simulations, Honolulu, HI, June 2-6, 2002.
  • The Tool Set for Building Claro - A Component Loading Architecture

    K. Merkley, Sandia report SAND2006-xxxx
  • An Immersive Topology Environment for Meshing

    Steven J. Owen, Brett W. Clark, Darryl J. Melander, Michael Brewer, Jason F. Shepherd, Karl Merkley, Corey Ernst, and Randy Morris, International Meshing Roundtable
  • Object-Oriented Ada Using State Controlled Implementation

    Morris, Randy, and Boyd Tidwell, CrossTalk, Software Technology Support Center, US Air Force
  • Methods and Applications of Generalized Sheet Insertion for Hexahedral Meshing

    Karl Merkley, Corey Ernst, Jason F. Shepher, Michael J. Borden, Sandia report.
  • Seams and wedges in plastering: A 3D hexahedral mesh generation algorithm

    Ted D. Blacker and Ray J. Meyers, Engineering With Computers, 2(9):83-93, 1993.
  • The Hex-Tet Hex-Dominant Meshing Algorithm as Implemented in CUBIT

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  • Loop detection in surface patch intersections

    Thomas W. Sederberg, Ray J. Meyers, Computer Aided Geometric Design 5(2): 161-171 (1988)
  • The Geode Algorithm: Combining Hex/Tet Plastering, Dicing and Transition Elements for Automatic, All-Hex Mesh Generation

    Robert W. Leland, Darryl J. Melander, Ray J. Meyers, Scott A. Mitchell, Timothy J. Tautges, IMR 1998: 515-521
  • The Cleave and Fill Tool: An All-Hexahedral Refinement Algorithm for Swept Meshes

    Michael J. Borden, Steven E. Benzley, Scott A. Mitchell, David R. White, Ray J. Meyers, IMR 2000: 69-76