Trelis ライセンス


Compare the powerful functionality of Trelis with other high-end pre-processors and you'll agree Trelis is quite affordable. Whether you are on your own or part of a large corporation, Trelis is priced to meet your needs and your work environment.

Let csimsoft help you choose the licensing options that makes sense for your organization. Contact csimsoft today.


Cubit customers with an annual lease or a current maintenance program can upgrade to Trelis FEA™ or Trelis CFD™ as a regular version upgrade. Simply contact csimsoft and let us know which version you prefer. Cubit users can upgrade to Trelis Pro™ for an added cost.

Trelis still uses the Cubit .cub and .jou files and is backwards compatible to Cubit 13.2. Contact csimsoft today.


Annual Lease

For most organizations, the annual lease fits perfectly into their technology plan and ensures them that they are always using the latest technology. As new versions are available, you will be able to easily update your software. When your license expires, simple renew your lease.

Trelis is delivered electronically from your csimsoft account, so you can always have access to your software download. Don't have an account, yet? Sign up here.

ノードロック または ネットワーク

Licenses can be purchased for a specific computer or for use over a network. The standalone license permits the use of Trelis on a specific computer while the network license allows anyone on a local area network to access Trelis on a concurrent basis. For example, a single network license will allow anyone on the network to use Trelis, one person at a time.

Trelis can be installed for on a network in several ways. The two most common network installations are:

  • Node installation. First, Trelis must be installed and activated on a network server or a computer that is visible to other computers over the network. Then, Trelis can be installed on each node where it will be used. This allows computers running different operating systems to share the floating license.
  • Server Installation. Trelis can be installed and activated on a network server and a shortcut to Trelis be created on each network computer that will access the program. Trelis is then run from the server.

In both cases, Trelis monitors the number of concurrent users.

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If you haven't already downloaded the trial version of Trelis, please request a fully functional 30-day trial version here. Use the trial to test your own projects. Give Trelis a try today.

Trelis Overview Trelisの概要ビデオ紹介とTrelisについては、こちらをご覧ください。