Custom Training


Trelis training helps you to take full advantage of the tools and features you have available to you when you purchase Trelis.

To ensure your success with Trelis, csimsoft offers several options for training. Training courses are designed to be taught in 2 days with a third day for jumpstarting your project, and typically are held Tuesday through Thursday. Courses are taught by our experienced Trelis team and are very hands-on.

カスタマイゼーション トレーニング (1日)

csimsoft's Customization Training consists of 5 hands-on lessons that teach experienced engineers how to access the power of Trelis from third-party applications.


Those attending the Customization Training should be familiar with Python.

The Customization training lessons include:

  • Customization overview
  • Python Primer
  • Using the CubitInterface
  • Developing Components with Python, Qt, and PyQt
  • Developing Components with C++, Qt, and cMake

Training Prices See our training pricing and locations.